so today we didn’t even house hunt; instead we had knott’s for lunch and ran around getting info from his job’s and the IRS to see if we can get pre-approved for HUD housing. He could tell i was out of it, tired, and crabby.

Severe chest pain’s figured out

So for the past couple month’s i’ve dealt with severe chest pain’s at random (bad enough i doubled over, cried, and considered going to the hospital.) well one of the last time’s i went to my clinic recently; my doctor said it sounded like bad acid reflux… Yay me. But now i’m on medication and it’s significantly less painful then before.

House hunting

So babe and i will be house hunting again today; cept now it’s supposed to get up to 91 degrees and i’m gonna dieee. Hopefully all goes well, the guy who show’s us is named Frank through Susan Rhodes Real-estate and so far i feel he’s pretty up-front and trust worthy. There’s one house in general that i’m dead set on so far and it’s the house across from my parents, the only thing that bother’s me is the old lady who used to live there- DIED in that house (and it was not disclosed to us.) So…

What the hell lmao

Now my other besty, Brandy, is fucking engaged as well. what am i even gonna do lmao.

She want’s me to do her wedding photo’s and take pics of her kids as well, i’m super stoked.

Ah yes, life is amazing right now.

And aside from that, i’m still in-process of applying for disability, i’ve dropped 30 pounds since the breakup, i have an amazing boyfriend, i’m starting my own side job of car- detailing, i’m a twitch gaming streamer, i’m working on my youtube channel, i’ve partnered with my bro Jay and we’re gonna do a channel on youtube for gaming news, vids, clips, highlights, audio, etc. I’m healthier now than i was before, i’m just so thrilled! My psychiatrist even said i don’t have to see him anymore because i’m doing much better!

Ah! just, ugh, i’m so happy.

Also, my boyfriend is dragging my butt over to his house this Friday lmfao. And i get to see my besty Megan’s new apartment on saturday! 😀

♥♥♥♥♥♥Life Is Great♥♥♥♥♥♥