Rude comments on a treasured photo


^ This photo was the one that the women had so rudely commented on, the reason his daughter looks like that is because she was very fussy when i was taking the photos. Other then that there was nothing being done to harm her in any form of way.


Ok… as i was so happening to scroll through my FB news feed, i saw my friend comment on a photo i had taken of her husband and child awhile back, thinking maybe, “Hey, maybe she’s receiving some nice compliments.” No, that is quite the opposite, a family member had so rudely commented on their treasured photo saying that kissing any child on the mouth is a form of abuse….. I’m sorry, but since when has that EVER been abusive? So many kid’s and parents do it all the time, there is NOTHING wrong with it, the only way it could be abuse is if it’s forced on the child or sexualized, which was neither in this case, it was a affectionate kiss from father to newborn daughter.

People nowadays will find anything they absolutely can to bash other’s and complain about anything, and i find it revolting. If she thought for one moment i wasn’t going to step in and say something, she was wrong.


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