Oh boy

So… i haven’t been on here for awhile, and in that time frame; quite alot has gone down. My now ex boyfriend and i who have almost made it to 3 years together, broke up last month. But frankly, i’m actually happy about it because i’m no longer stuck with an immature little cunt bag of a boy, who did nothing but cause me severe depressive and anxiety episodes, caused me to self mutilate (which was a BIG struggle to NOT go back to), and have panic attacks. But now that i’m single and he’s out of my life, i can focus on getting the help i need, my friends/family, AND on my crush of 2 1/2 years. (Who is 21, and i’m fixing to be 20 on may 17th, 2015) So i think it’s fair to say, that aside from that breakup and the drama that followed suite for awhile (caused by my ex and his dumb friend.) things have started looking up for me, not to mention i’m starting to feel better. I still have my moments and episodes, but not as severe now or as often. One day, one day i will overcome¬†this.


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