I have returned!

Hey guys, i’m back!

So again, I KNOW it’s been a long-ass time since i’ve made a new post and i’m so so sorry! I still love you guy’s, lol.

I’ve been going through A LOT since i last posted on here; got a new job, then lost it because of some stupid petty bullshit and like 99.9% of what they said i “supposedly did or didn’t do” was total bullshit.

But oh well; can’t argue with dimwits i suppose.

Now… about this past election….


Trump is a literal dictator, Hillary is no better but she would’ve been BETTER THEN DRUMPF. And Bernie…. poor little Bernie, he would’ve made life great for Americans! but most people were too stingy with wanting to keep shit wages and other bullshit things.

Now we’re rapidly headed back words and it is quite frankly, VERY SCARY.

I implore you…. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEAAASSEEEEE WAKE UP AND STAND UP AND FIGHT THE GOVT. It’s time for it to come to an end!


in other news….. i’m still with my nerdy dweeb of a boyfriend, Matt. a little over a year now and still going. We’ve been having up’s and down’s lately but we always pull through.

I’m on xbox alot, so if y’all wanna add me; feel free. I won’t bite, i promise! Lol

User is: ISG Lycantrope

Also: Mine and my boyfriend’s clan are always looking for new members! It’s called Inner Strength Gaming. If you’d like to know more, then hit me up on xbox! ❤



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