The End

My relationship has officially come to an end. I can’t even begin to describe my flooding of emotions. Sadness, hatred, anger, regret, hopeless, heart broken, betrayed, are just a few I can name right off the bat…. Quite frankly, I’m sick of being made out to be the bad guy; when obviously the guy I was with for a little over a year wasn’t all that great, even the sex wasn’t that great. His friends are shit, he’s a narcissist, spoiled rotten, ass. Thinks the world revolves around him and yet wonders “could we try later on down the road?” Well, at this point, my answer is obviously a big fat NO. yeah I know I’m far from perfect, but I’ve fucking tried and tried and you were never satisified; always talking shit on me, belittling me, lying to me and other people, letting your “friends” talk shit on me and you never bothered to shut them up and mind their own damn business…. And your fucking roommate, is a total piece of shit.

All he does is boss you around, get into shit that’s not his business, help wreck your relationship further, is a lazy son of a bitch who plays video games and sleeps and works all the time. And has the ODDACITY to say he wants to “bitch me out.”

Yeah I played video games and slept alot too, but atleast i helped up- keep with the house most of the time and took care of the animals. He. Never. Did.

And lest I bring this up:

1. You were fucking JOBLESS FOR PRACTICALLY ALMOST A YEAR BEFORE YOU GOT ANOTHER FUCKING JOB. But you didn’t see me calling you lazy and shit.

2. Youre fucking roommate didn’t have a job either for the longest time and I NEVER SAW YOU BITCH AT HIM ABOUT IT


I’m fucking done with your hypocrisy.




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