Stop… just stop…

why can’t my emotion’s just bloody stop…. this is no different then the last relationship/break up before him… i don’t want to care. JUST STOP IT

I’m tired of suffering mentally and emotionally for men who don’t really care… i’m just done…

i’m so tired of dry heaving… having to force myself to not eat again just to lose weight again… crying randomly at the mere thought of him… i just want it to stop, dammit.

i’m tired of this emotional rollarcoaster..

I still love him, but i also have a deep, deep festering hatred for him.

whatever…. not like i’m anything special, that was proven already…. he’ll probably just move on and use the next girl, like i meant nothing.

i’m done, i’m tired of being used and abused and led on.

one hand… i want to punch him none stop till this pain subsides, and on the other hand i want to punch him till he wakes the hell up and realizes what he lost was a woman who actually cared about him… and loved him… loved him so damn much it physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt like hell….

yeah, i’m not perfect. not in the least bit, but neither were you.

All you care about is yourself…. which led to me not wanting to try anymore…. you werent supportive, you let people degrade me, you degraded me, you put other’s first before your own relationship and girlfriend…. that’s not how this works.

when will you wak up and grow up, and realize you lost the moon while counting the stars.

I wanted to marry you someday and maybe start a family…. but not anymore.


i hope you’re damn proud of yourself…



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