“i loved her, that’s why i let her go”

“i’ll never let you go”

“i love you”

“i don’t like hurting people”

all. a. bunch. of. LIES.

all you ever do is hurt people and people just keep encouraging your shitty personality and crude behaviors.

Another example of your immaturity? I’m trying to be the adult and talk thing’s out, and you’d rather act like a child.

-shrugs- not my problem

When you decide to be a REAL adult, you know where i am.

also your reply to my text when i just wanted you to come over so i could talk was, “i don’t want to date you” and some other crude response.

listen here bud, YOU’RE the one at fault here as well, not just me.

grow up and own up to it. quit acting like your a fucking god, cause you’re not.


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