miss/don’t miss

thing’s i miss from the relationship:

  1. feeling comfort
  2. affection
  3. cuddling
  4. hanging out
  5. doing stuff together
  6. just being in his company
  7. his goofy side (when he’s not being an arrogant ass)
  8. when he called me babe
  9. his kisses
  10. his hugs
  11. when he said “i love you”…..and meant it

thing’s i don’t miss

  1. his friend’s or parents
  2. his bad attitude
  3. back stabbing
  4. shit talking
  5. no effort on his part
  6. his ignorance
  7. sleepless nights
  8. the pointless arguments and run around’s
  9. his narcissism
  10. how spoiled he is
  11. selfishness
  12. not sticking up for me
  13. emotional breakdowns
  14. relapsing


the sex

……wow…. way more negatives than i originally thought


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