I love karma 😂

Karmas a bitcb bruh, IM FUCKING DYING LMFAO. apparently he got fired and I couldn’t be fucking happier about it 😂😂😂



    • Lol, ok are you British? You might want to check your grammar you don’t start a sentence with the word “and”. A blogger should probably know that, and I also know a lot more then you think. The sad thing is you have to creep his blog to find something to bitch about. It’s been over a month, let it go! You sit here and talk all this shit, how he is an asshole. The dude only tried to work things out several times and you couldn’t do something as simple as cleaning and taking medication… yet he is the asshole. He even let his friends council the both of you that you suggested. You had to have HIS ex present to be able to talk to him. And the fact that you sexually belittled him in front of all his friends, yet he is the asshole. Your lucky he didn’t tell everyone how he had to roll you around in flour to find the wet spot. Oh by the way how’s the new Xbox and destiny working out… oh wait mommy turned off your internet cuz you don’t help pay for anything…


      • Alright miss mary, i’d love to argue with a keyboard warrior but i have better thing’s to worry about. have fun with his limp dick, i don’t have time to waste on you. And whose the real stalker here? you’re obviously stalking me just so you can start shit.


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