LOL how cute

aww that’s adorable, i had a personal stalker who felt the need to hide behind a screen and bitch at me when they don’t know shit. Honey, i’m pretty sure i know exactly who you are. and deleting your profile after i replied was a pretty childish move lmfao.

Have fun with that limp dick though.



    • I love how you delete comments and make blogs about them. It’s almost like your afraid all the readers you don’t have, will find out the truth. Also wtf is up with you name ” the restless never rest” … no shit Sherlock , that’s why that are called restless. Honestly though, find something else to complain about, because if your ex were as half as bad as you make him out to be ( which he isn’t )then your the idiot for being with him for a year and only deciding to complain afterwards. Grow up!


      • 1. it’s a fucking blog name, dumb shit. it doesn’t have to make sense. 2. i delete them because i don’t have time for your petty bullshit. 3. i could care less about my reader’s opinion’s because i don’t post for them. This is my venting blog, don’t like it? hop on that limp dick and fuck off. No one said you HAD to read my post’s. You’re just stalking me so you have something to bitch about like the little keyboard warrior you are. 4. and you got a lot to learn. i’ll honestly laugh when he does the same shit to you that he’s done to every other ex of his. Just give it time.
        Now go hop off my page and find something better to do.


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