That Dragon, Cancer

My god… that game.

Watching Markiplier play it and getting emotional, the whole thing… it hit me hard.

I’ve never lost a CHILD to cancer, i’ve never even had a kid.

But like Mark, i have lost relatives to cancer… and it’s not a fun thing to go through.

I lost a slightly older cousin to an aggressive form of cancer, and she had two little kids….TWO. That woman was absolutely sweet, funny, and strong. She didn’t deserve to get cancer or suffer like she did.

Even my grandpa… he got away from cancer once, but then it came back later on, and him being the stubborn old man he was, he just pushed through it without any medical help. Not only did he pass from that, but also from the severe side effects of a car crash.

I miss them both… And it makes me cry just thinking about it.

That game wasn’t easy to watch, and watching Mark’s reaction wasn’t any easier.

Ah well… i’ve got a headache now and i need to go to sleep, since i gotta get up in a few hour’s to hang out with Joshua.


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