When I say I HATE PILLS, I don’t say it for no fucking reason.

I have a deep hatred for pills that stems from my childhood and it won’t ever change.

I know I need to take my depression meds; but I refuse. Frankly, yes, my depression still exists BUT I usually feel better when I’m alone, you’re not being fucking stupid and actually listen, or i’m with friend’s. My pills can only do so much and half the time they barely scrape the surface of the issue, even at 100 Mg’s.

Now if its medical marijuana, or cannabis pills, a bitch might just power walk. But if someone HATES taking pills for a reason, you fucking try to find out why and try to understand and help them find an alternative measure. Dont degrade them and make them feel worthless, like a little bitch.

The night I smoked that bowl (regular marijuana, not medical) I felt x100 times better in less then 30 minutes; then I ever did on my stupid pills. That’s saying alot; I was actually LOOSE and chilled out, my brain and anxiety weren’t running at 100 mph, none stop. I felt like I was on cloud nine and it was great.


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