I love this man so much

We may not be quite dating just yet- but i love this man so much. Gene is an absolute doll, i hope he doesn’t prove me wrong and that he stay’s just how he is with no hidden agenda’s or personality. Idk what it is about him, exactly, but he feel’s special to me.

Course it bother’s me that he’s in such a crappy position atm… lives with his mom again, because she’s dying (and he couldn’t afford his bills at the time when he was living on his own,) his mom’s boyfriend and pretty much the only one who “takes care of her” because his 15 year old sister Megan won’t help her. And his mom’s boyfriend is a drunk asshole; i don’t like that guy at all. The house is a total mess; Gene takes care of his priorities and responsibilities; as well as his sister. But no one else really does anything. It’s sad.

I hope he’s able to get back out of there fairly soon.


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