Life is good now

My life has gotten significantly better over the past few months, especially thanks to my babe and everything he’s helped me with and done for me up to this point (and still going.) I feel healthier, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight due to eating less/healthier more often, i’m even starting to fit my smaller sized clothing again, slowly, but surely. i haven’t even had a need for my depression meds because my babe makes me genuinely happy and i don’t have to fake my happiness anymore. He also doesn’t pressure me into anything i DON’T want to do, and understands my point of view on preferring to be a stay-at-home and doesn’t belittle my choices like a prick; he also ask’s for my consent before doing anything sexual (which we haven’t done yet, but he will always ask first anyway’s.) Not to mention; my psychiatrist also said that he’s noticed I’ve been doing much better it seem’s and he’s happy for me. Like, you don’t know how happy and relieved that makes me.

Overall i just feel like a far better person now, and i’m tremendously happier.



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