What the hell lmao

Now my other besty, Brandy, is fucking engaged as well. what am i even gonna do lmao.

She want’s me to do her wedding photo’s and take pics of her kids as well, i’m super stoked.

Ah yes, life is amazing right now.

And aside from that, i’m still in-process of applying for disability, i’ve dropped 30 pounds since the breakup, i have an amazing boyfriend, i’m starting my own side job of car- detailing, i’m a twitch gaming streamer, i’m working on my youtube channel, i’ve partnered with my bro Jay and we’re gonna do a channel on youtube for gaming news, vids, clips, highlights, audio, etc. I’m healthier now than i was before, i’m just so thrilled! My psychiatrist even said i don’t have to see him anymore because i’m doing much better!

Ah! just, ugh, i’m so happy.

Also, my boyfriend is dragging my butt over to his house this Friday lmfao. And i get to see my besty Megan’s new apartment on saturday! 😀

♥♥♥♥♥♥Life Is Great♥♥♥♥♥♥


My besty of 13+ years is engaged and HER AND HER FIANCÉ ARE CUTE AS FUCK, OK. She hopes I can make it to her wedding in a year and a half from now; and so do I! I legitimately cry because they’re so cute and I’m so happy for her!


One Month

So our 1 month anniversary is coming up on the 28th, and babe wants to take me out to dinner at an actual restaurant and then we’re gonna see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie! i’m so excited! I love this man to death, and i don’t ever plan on letting him go. ♥ He makes me feel whole and genuinely loved. I’ve never had a guy in my life that put in this much effort with and for me. It feel’s wonderful. ♥♥♥

youtube partner

So my bro Jay asked me if i wanted to partner with him on his channel and i told him i’d think about it before giving him an answer.

I did think on it for a while and i eventually decided to tell him- yes! I’ll pair up with him.

So he was actually relieved to hear that back from me cause his other partner’s just up and dropped out.

We’ll be doing live game play, audio, and collecting game play news for separate consoles, but working together.

I’m honestly nervous a shit cause this is new to me; but i’m also excited as well! Guess we’ll see how this goes.

Hot damn

My boyfriend was tracing his fingers all over my body last night to the point I was massively aroused and shaky and HOLY HELL IT FELT NICE.

And then he told me I caused him boners all night and I’m thinking “good. Payback for making me soak my underwear and not sleep last night 😂”

God his touch is intoxicating.


When he’s the big spoon, like, omg his spooning is amazing and I always feel safe and warm with him. ❤ And when he lightly strokes your ribs when he’s half asleep and it feels OMFGBAKFBKSHFNS. I can’t even.